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Neurological Benefits

Immune Benefits

Creatine & T-Cells


T-Cells are a part of the immune system – the first responders.  They directly target infected host cells, activate other immune cells and regulate immune responses.


Creatine is clinically shown to energize T-Cells, and T-Cells are clinically shown to play an essential role in the immune system.

Cancer Benefits

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This info is only sharing research and emerging info about the role of creatine and T cells and cancer.

The concept of immunotherapy is to support or boost a person’s your immune system to help fight cancer.  There is also a desire to help minimize autoimmune (mast cell and cytokine) responses to immunotherapy.   There is also typically an interest in chemotherapy to support functional energy to help fight fatigue.  More robust data needs to be generated in these areas but the a key idea behind supporting T cells and boosting functional energy is that as long as a supplement is safe (creatine is just amino acid based compound with no known side effects when dosed properly). 

Again, to be clear, creatine supplementation is NOT a treatment for cancer – it is only a supplement to help with immune system support, fatigue, and to assist with keeping up strength and health as much as possible.   There are different forms of creatine but the only one proven to have superior bioavailability and efficient uptake is Creatine HCl.   Other forms of creatine like creatine monohydrate (CM) cannot deliver enough creatine to cells without negative side effects – the uptake is just too poor (studies show CM has approximately 15-18% absorption/uptake).   Many Americans need more creatine because the body only makes about half the creatine it needs to function and the other half is supposed to come from diet; but the modern American diet is often low in creatine-rich foods so a creatine supplement is often used to increase creatine stores in the body.  Over the last 12 years of dosing and studies (published and anecdotal), there have been no reported drug interactions or contraindications.

With regard to T cell studies and creatine, the early results of studies like this are significant. The article refers to T cells as the body’s own powerful “immunotherapy” against diseases.   This  article speaks of T cells being like infantrymen who when given more “energy” are able to fight more vigorously and more effectively. 

Everyone has blast cells or aberrant cells in them (i.e. cancer cells and abnormal cells). When we are healthy and strong, our body does a great job of simply recognizing them and killing them and not letting them “procreate“.  So a key to effectively fighting or preventing cancer ultimately is keeping the immune system strong or bolstering/reinvigorating it to kill the aberrant cells.  Full clinical studies need to be done and we know of oncology researchers planning new study designs so stay tuned!

What People Are Saying

Some people who have dosed with creatine HCl-based products while on chemo have reported anecdotally that their general fatigue and functional energy seems to have been well supported.

No one can or should make claims of outcomes since each patient and case is different, but some people on chemo have reported that with creatine HCl-based products they haven’t missed a day of work while going through treatments.  And others who, on the expected “toxic crash day” (typically day 3 or 4 or 5 after infusion), have felt good enough to go to work or go out and cut their grass.  Many cases have reported that attending doctors and nurses have commented to creatine HCl-based product users that “you’re tolerating the chemo quite well” or “you are doing much better than expected with this regimen of medications”.  The idea is that a person maintains or supports their resilience during chemo, both their body and the therapy may have a better chance of fighting the cancer.

Any creatine HCl products should be produced at an FDA Registered nutraceutical manufacturer that is regularly inspected by the FDA and/or other governing certification organizations and preferably maintains multiple accreditations like cGMP, HAACP, and SQF.

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"I have a duodenum cancer that has metastasized to the liver and peritoneum. I was having folfirinox chemo for 11 months and have been on abraxane and gemcitabine for 5 months. I wanted to write up my latest update. I've been able to use the creatine HCl-based product on my last two chemo cycles. The first cycle I pretty much did the standard dosing beginning on Tuesday but didn’t mix it with enough liquid. I had my chemo Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Although I took the product I realized I did not drink enough fluid with it. I did not feel good on Saturday and Sunday. The next cycle was different I took a little bit more product and I drank a lot more fluid as the directions called for and the Wednesday Thursday and Friday chemo days were very good. I dropped a little on Saturday but I did not crash. I'm sure it made the difference. "
"While undergoing chemotherapy for Acute Myleod Leukemia (AML) I was introduced to a creatine HCl-based product during my second round of extremely aggressive chemotherapy. I began drinking the supplement mix in conjunction w/taking Alpha-GEE® capsules roughly a week or so after completing that round of chemotherapy. One thing to keep in mind is that the sickness from chemotherapy isn't immediate. It begins roughly a week after chemo and then you hit a day of toxic crash. While I won't pretend to know the science behind the creatine, what I can tell you is that my doctors said my 2nd chemo round was roughly 10x more intense/aggressive than my initial round but my level of sickness was roughly the same which surprised the nurses (the 2nd chemo round was really mean, so even though the sickness didn't completely disappear, it was much better than expected). But also, my recovery time was several days quicker than the less aggressive round of chemo which was also surprising to both me and my medical team. I received comments from both doctors & nurses mentioning how quickly I was back up and around after treatment and that my blood tests looked surprisingly good. I definitely believe the creatine product lessened my discomfort and shortened the recovery cycle. I survived my chemo quite well, I’m cancer-free, and I would absolutely recommend trying creatine HCl-based products for supporting functional energy and general health."
"I went through chemo at Dana Farber Cancer Institute for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (Type B follicular) and I’ve been using a creatine HCl-based product during the chemo. In my first round, I didn’t miss a day of work which was surprising to both me and my medical team. Then in a more aggressive, R-CHOP round of chemo, I missed taking it a couple days because I has been busy during the week but I got back on it because I hit the wall on about day 3. It really sucked. I decided to take the Alpha-GEE® product too (three to four of the capsules) with the creatine drink and in a few hours I was feeling basically normal again. I would even say I felt better than I have ever felt during this cancer treatment process. I continued to take both and the positive effects were dramatic."