Domestic Manufacturing

There are a very small number of creatine plants in the world. There are a few plants in China, one company in Germany, but until recently, there have been no creatine plants in the USA. The vast majority of the creatine made and consumed over the past 10 years has come from China due to its low prices. While much of the Chinese creatine is of acceptable quality, far too frequently there continue to be serious contamination concerns with Chinese creatine that are not represented on Chinese COA’s (certificates of analysis). Unfortunately, these contaminants are often not effectively detected by American laboratories or companies selling the material. To ensure American consumers are ingesting the highest quality creatine available – material that is either domestically made or domestically processed according to Safe Quality Food certifications (SQF) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is imperative. People are more and more understanding that creatine is one of the most important molecules for supporting all bodily health functions. Creatine is arguably more important to the body than Vitamin D or Vitamin C or any other of the health-preserving, health-supporting supplements – and people certainly do not want something intended for their health to be contaminated with things that would compromise health

Why Choose a Domestically Manufactured Creatine?

When adding supplements to your dietary routine, it’s important to know exactly where they came from. When you choose American made Creatine HCl, you can be rest assured that your products were made with FDA accepted manufacturing standards. Domestic production facilities are known to have the highest standards for labor, manufacturing, and safety. More specifically, (GMP), (SQF), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications produce the highest-quality creatine.

Domestic manufacturing also allows better control in shipping and compound preservation, avoiding trans-Pacific exposure. Not only does this help lower the cost of shipping, but it also means that American made creatine is more fresh and stable, and has better shelf-life.

Finally, customer service greatly improves when the representatives are based domestically. Customer service centers that are located abroad often make customers feel disconnected from the people dealing with their service problems. American made products ensure that there are no barriers in providing improved levels of customer service.